6 kilograms of fish overnight upcoming been “washed” so Deyang fish farming Xiao Jisong a difficult breathed, they suspected to be poisoned . Sichuan News Network reporter learned that, at present, the local police in the investigation.

This morning, the Sichuan News Network reporter went to Deyang Jingyang new Tamamura German town 13 new groups. About 100 meters away from the accident ponds can smell the smell of rotting fish, Xiao Jisong a busy tool salvage of dead fish in the pond, and then packed in a pit not far from the car shipped to be buried.

Sichuan News Network reporter saw dead fish ponds floating in the water, there are adult slap looks so great, some even more, of which there are a lot of small fish.

“Last Friday 4:00 before, heard outside ponds where the fish out of the water of the sound, so quickly ran out of view, found that some fish have jumped ashore, then walked around in a circle along the ponds, from the house the farthest place has been able to see the fish all turned white belly floating in the water. “肖继松 he said they found in the inlet not far from the pond of a pocket, which contained suspected poison, poison guess time Thursday night should be.

It is understood that Xiao Jisong 10 years of raising a fish, and make a living. In Germany the new town a total contracted 11 large and small ponds, where dead fish production in ponds is one of the largest fish ponds, and coming soon. Usually, there are three people guarding Xiao Jisong a fish ponds, fish ponds, although the accident next to their houses, but that night but did not find any suspicious persons.

“We live in a house with a fish pond inlet, about one hundred meters away, and the fish pond next to the road. In the evening, if someone is found not simply Intake poisoning.” Xiao Jisong said.

According to Xiao Jisong reports, the dead are carp, grass carp, carp and other six species of fish, an estimated 60,000 kilograms, the loss of 30 million. He raised a few years at the local fish, never to offend anyone. In addition to the dead, so many fish, this year in March, also died in the evening about 20,000 kilograms of fish, losses of up to four or five million.

Fish had died five days, he has gradually begun to rot stink. Since fish poisoning may be, it can not be thrown away, only a landfill. Last night, after Xiao Jisong rented a backhoe, dug a deep night each three meters wide and more than ten meters long pit. This morning, Xiao Jisong early in the morning, with a tool to salvage dead fish ponds destined for burial pit.

“Today, on the loss of about four or five hundred thousand.” Looked hard raised fish are thrown into the burial pit, Xiao Jisong sad to say, I hope the police catch people early. Currently, local police have been involved in the investigation.

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