Mikey Weinstein, president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, is ratcheting a battle with the authorities serving at Marine Corps Base Hawaii who placed a “God bless” sign on public lawns, telling chiefs in an email he now wants messages that read “Yehweh bless” and “Allah bless” alongside.

AS WND reported, Weinstein took umbrage with a “God bless the military” sign that’s stood in plain view on base property since September 11, 2001. MRFF aide Blake Page wrote to Col. Sean Killeen to say “this sign is a brazen violation of the No Establishment clause of the Constitution,” and should be moved. Weinstein, meanwhile, said the sign rightly belongs on chapel grounds at the military base, rather than on property not affiliated with worship.

The military base said it was looking into the complaint – but Weinstein has hiked the stakes.

The Marine Times reported the WRFF head demanded in an email to Killeen he wants to locate signs that read: “Yehweh bless,” “Allah bless,” “Odin blesses,” “Vishnu blesses,” and “Goddess bless.” He also demanded “the immediate right to build and display the nonreligious message board appearing in the [photo illustration] which starts with the words ‘There Is No God’ and ends with the words ‘We Have Each Other.’”

Weinstein said he’s been contacted by dozens of Marines at the base who’ve complained about the sign.

The Marine Times said the commanding officer of the base is investigating the complaints and request.

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The Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty, meanwhile, said to the Marine Times: “Only someone with a great misunderstanding of the First Amendment or an ax to grind against religious would claim that such a slogan poses a threat or is in any way unconstitutional. The real threat is posed by those who want to whitewash any reference to God from public discourse, even ones as innocuous and uplifting as this one.”
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