• Images taken on Sunday night show cloud formation very similar to a hand
  • Shaped in a way that it appears to be pointing with a finger to the moon
  • Locals have now began to question if it was a sighting of the ‘hand of God’
  • Follows the appearance of map of Britain and Michael Jackson in the sky 

Is God hovering over Kent? And if so, is he instructing everyone to head for the moon?

These images taken of the sky above Ashford appear to show just that.

Local resident Diane Fryd is convinced that the interestingly shaped cloud she caught on camera could in fact be the hand of the Almighty.

The bizarre outline appears to show a shape in the sky that bears all the hallmarks of a wrist and hand.

It looks to have a thumb, fingers – one of which is extended – and a knuckle, all of which are key features of any hand.

However, due to its size and location it cannot be that of a human – and may just be that of the Lord.

Mrs Fryd – who captured the fascinating image on Sunday evening, shortly after the moon came out – said: ‘The moon looked really big and bright that night.

‘When my family and I saw the hand-shaped cloud we stopped the car and I got out and took a photo.’

Debate is now raging as to why the hand – if belonging to God – is pointing towards the moon and rather, if anywhere, not towards Earth.


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