Brescia, October 6, 2015 – mysterious die-off of waterfowl on the coast of the Benaco Bresciano. To communicate is the provincial police of Brescia, who stressed that the cause of death of the birds remain unknown. One hypothesis is that a man may die of natural substances have been found in waters, as happened in the past. “At the invitation of the Chairman of a committee environmentalist, precise with natural substance we meana substance not fed by man but still toxic, probably Botox. Botulinum toxin is one of the most powerful natural poisons in the world and, in fact, constitutes a source of food poisoning – said the provincial police commander Charles Caromani – The good news is that a toxin should self-destruct after a few hours. The toxin is released by algae in the presence of very high temperatures and in courses where the water tends to stagnate and then poor oxygen. If the water starts to flow starts to oxygenate surpassing the coverage of algae. In this way the virus botulinum dies because not resist the presence of oxygen. The same thing happens when the temperature drops ” . Last year, a similar phenomenon caused a series of rashes and irritations in different wetting.


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