At least two dozen birds have been found dead on the waterfront in the Town of Tonawanda.

“I’ve lived here my entire life, I’ve never seen something like this,” said Katie Tatro, who alerted News 4 of the problem.

Tatro visited Aqua Lane Park earlier this week and told us she couldn’t believe what she saw.

“The first thing I noticed was actually the smell,” said Tatro. “You could smell it from very far away and as I got closer, it looked like these circular rocks and I saw it was over 20 dead ducks.”

The property belongs to the DuPont Boat Club. They told News 4 they routinely clean the grounds and will get the birds off the rocks. On Friday, further down the shoreline, Town of Tonawanda employees picked up debris.

“I found a few dead birds that appear to be cormorants,” said Dan Hudson, a crew chief with the Department of Parks and Recreation. “I found about six or seven, I bagged them up and I’m getting rid of them.”

Cormorants are coastal birds that Hudson said are growing in population in this area. He told us this isn’t a new problem.

“It seems like it’s getting more and more every year,” said Hudson.

The State Department of Environmental Conservation told us they will look into what’s causing the birds to die.

Meanwhile, Katie Tatro said she’s happy the shoreline is getting the attention it needs.

“I’m glad to see not only that they’re taking action but that it was so rapid, how much help people wanted to do for these animals,” said Tatro.

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