The Finnish government is refusing to confirm whether it believes that a submarine — presumably from Russia — entered its territorial waters because it’s worried about a repeat of the “farce” that Swedish authorities got themselves into after submarine sightings there last October.

Commodore Olavi Jantunen, chief of operations in the Finnish navy, told local broadcasters that the navy had identified a “possible underwater object” at noon on Monday and had sent vessels to investigate after it was spotted again early Tuesday morning.

The ships dropped six small depth charges that “were not intended to cause damage” in order to help them in their search, but Jantunen did not provide any details or theory as to the exact nature or origin of the “object”.

Given the increased military manoeuvres by Russia in the region, the sighting immediately prompted rumours of a possible Russian submarine incursion. And — obviously — people are excited about the idea that the Finnish Navy is dropping depth charges on Russian submarines! (Even if they were only very small depth charges.)

It would not be the first time Russian subs have made headlines. Last October, Swedish authorities launched a major search involving 200 service personnel using minesweepers, helicopters, and an anti-submarine ship after reports of “foreign underwater activity”.
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