Farmers insist that there is no control of water uptake.

The lack of water in the lower river basin Ariguaní, coupled with the severe drought in the region, leaving more than 1,500 dead livestock in the area of ​​Bosconia, Cesar, on the border with the department of Magdalena, as established by a census of affected that made the farmers in the area themselves.

The situation is critical because the current main tributary, which was used for water supply in the area, still used by ranchers in the upper river to irrigate large areas of palm crops, rice and livestock.

This was stated by Mauricio Sierra, downstream user of Ariguaní, who sent an SOS for environmental authorities to take drastic measures by the irrational use of water concession in the area.

“Here come officials of the regional autonomous corporations Cesar and Magdalena to make regulations, but once they go, again opened the floodgates capturing water in high percentages, although they are in a severe drought. In the lower part is there is no water for crops or animals, whereas up until used to irrigate pastures, “he said.

‘SIN bereaved “. Despite repeated calls from the community in the villages Puerto Lajas and San José de Ariguaní, among other places, no sanctions are known by the environmental authorities.“Corporations seem to have no teeth to defend the river,” said Sierra.

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