It ’emergency for the Orbetello lagoon afterfish kills recorded during the last weekend. It ‘was the absence of oxygen in the waters to determine the death of a significant amount of fish which is still under evaluation, but it would be of some tons.

Mayor Monica Paffetti is preparing an ordinance to allow urgent emergency response and will present the request to the Region of the state of natural disaster.

“At present – he said the president of the fishermen Pier Luigi Piro – the loss is around 200 tons, but the collection of dead fish continues. An economic loss of around 15-20 million euro, taking into account that they also died thousands of fish fry, which will miss the fishery over the next 15-20 months. “

In view of the damage to fish for the next 4-5 years it remains to be assessed, as in the lagoon of the east almost all the fish was lost.

“We have no time to think now – said Piro – we have to work and can take more fish, not to sicken the lagoon, we have to save what little is possible that little is left.And we are waiting for a new day of sirocco, where the oxygen will go under the threshold. Hopefully someone will help us because now we are alone, at the mercy of everything. And we have with what’s left little autonomy and economic. Until September then, without help, at least 100 employees are likely the place. “

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