A Washington-based humanist organization is taking a Texas teacher to task who allegedly has a Christian cross in her elementary school classroom and at times references God to her students.

The American Humanist Association (AHA) sent aletter on Thursday to the superintendent of the Brownsville Independent School District and the principal of Benavides Elementary School in an effort to put a stop to what it calls “proselytizing” in the classroom.

The correspondence specifically refers to a third grade teacher only identified as Ms. Sanroman, who reportedly has a one-foot cross sitting on a shelf in her room. Sanroman is also being accused of recently telling students that no one is perfect except for One, and that is “our Lord.”

A parent, whose name AHA did not disclose, complained about Sanroman to the organization.

This kind of religious activity is of great concern to the atheist-humanist family in question, which expects public schools to educate children without attempts at religious indoctrination,” the group wrote in the letter.

“Obviously, expressly promoting belief in ‘our Lord’ as the only perfect person, while simultaneously displaying a Christian cross, must be perceived as an endorsement of that religious view, especially when none others are made available,” it said.

AHA asserts that it has received reports about other schools in the district as well, and has given officials seven days to respond, “acknowledging the errors here and assuring that they will be corrected.”

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