IAF strikes in Syria after four rockets hit northern Israel

Fires started but no casualties as explosions occur in Galilee and Golan Heights; IDF says firing originated in Quinetira area of Syria, where Hezbollah is active.

The Israeli Air Force struck targets in Syria on Thursday evening after four rockets were fired at northern Israel, with two landing in the Upper Galilee and two in the Golan Heights.

The projectiles landed in open areas and there were no immediate reports of any casualties. One landed near a town, causing a fire.

The IDF said it believed the firing was deliberate and that it was considering retaliatory fire. It also said the firing originated in Syria’s Quneitra area, which is under Syrian President Bashar Assad’s control and in which according to reports, Hezbollah operatives Samir Kuntar and Mustafa Mughniyeh have free rein. However, according to the IDF, Islamic Jihad was responsible for the fire, using Iranian funding and direction. The IDF also said it saw Syria as responsible for the fire.

Earlier Thursday, the air force announced it had deployed an Iron Dome missile defense battery to Ashdod in southern Israel. Gaza security coordinators received warnings Wednesday of possible rocket fire from the Gaza Strip.

They said Iron Dome was brought into the field due to the deteriorating condition of Mohammed Allaan, a suspected member of Islamic Jihad who ended his hunger strike Wednesday after more than two months, when Israel declared it was suspending his administrative detention because he had suffered brain damage.

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