Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, calling the nuclear deal signed last month “more than what was imagined,” said the country will start implementing its terms by next month — after which the process of sanctions removal will begin.

In a live interview on state television in Tehran, the moderate cleric said the historic accord signed with six powers, including the U.S., was a “great achievement” for Iran because it meant it’s seen as a country the rest of the world wants to engage with, rather than as a threat to peace.

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“Without exaggeration I say that today’s achievements are more than what was imagined yesterday and what we have achieved today is more than what we thought we could (achieve) two years ago,” Rouhani said.

“In one month, we will start our implementation of the deal. The lifting of the sanctions will start, the atmosphere will change, investment will come to the country, our hands will be untied to sell oil,” Rouhani said, adding that the agreement placed no limits on Iran’s missile strength.

Rouhani said that the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action will enable Iran to reduce inflation to single digits by the end of his first term in 2017, from a high of more than 40 percent when he was elected in June 2013.

He said his government’s goal is to achieve 8 percent economic growth and an increase of the country’s revenue by 59 percent, by 2021.

In comments directed at Iran’s youth and the country’s policy of blocking major social media sites, Rouhani praised the ways young people used them during the talks.

“Some parts of our system wanted to shut down the social networks, but I am and have been against this,” Rouhani said. He said he wanted to see “better means” of monitoring cyber space such as “smart filtering” of content seen as incompatible with Iran’s religious and moral laws.

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“Everyone is happy with the deal” Rouhani said, adding the only ones angry about it are “war mongers,” “Zionists” and one or two other countries in the Middle East.

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