JERUSALEM — The Israeli Army has warned citizens that in a future war with Hezbollah the country might be hit by hundreds or thousands of rockets a day and that hundreds of civilians could be killed.

The warning was included in a brochure recently distributed to all local authorities calling on them to ensure that the basic functions of daily life in their communities—such as garbage collection, replacing cash in ATMs, and stocking grocery stores—can continue if war breaks out.

Beyond the message sent to local authorities, the outgoing senior officer of the Army’s Home Front Command, Maj. Gen. Eyal Eisenberg, said in a parting address this week that Israel must be prepared for a “blitz” of rocket attacks, but that the country can withstand it.

Security analysts in the Israeli media have suggested that the warnings were intended to wean the public from unrealistic expectations in the wake of the success of the Iron Dome anti-rocket system last summer in intercepting rockets fired from Gaza. There were only six civilian fatalities caused by the approximately 4,000 rockets that were fired.

Hezbollah has a much larger rocket arsenal, and many of the rockets carry heavier payloads than the rockets fired last summer from Gaza. Hezbollah also has hundreds of missiles with GPS capability that can make precision hits.

There are no signs that Hezbollah is planning an attack, particularly since its fighters are presently occupied in supporting President Bashar Assad’s regime in Syria, but the widespread unrest in the region has raised concerns that the fighting could affect Israel.

In any future conflict, the country’s 10 Iron Dome batteries will have to be split between protecting civilian areas, military instillations and strategic targets such as power stations.

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