A MASSIVE planet with clouds jam-packed full of precious rubies and sapphires has been glimpsed in deep space.

Scientists have been watching HAT-P-7b for through the Kepler telescope, after it was spotted twinkling in a peculiar fashion four years ago.

And now David Armstrong at the University of Warwick found that the exoplanet’s brightening and dimming is due to its dazzling cloud system.

“When we say clouds, they’re definitely not like clouds on earth,” he explained in science journal Nature.

Unlike the fluffy white vapours we’re used to on Earth, the new Hat-P-7b’s clouds are made from corundum – the same mineral that produces rubies and sapphires on Earth.

And if alien life does exist on the brave new world – some 1,000 lightyears from ours – they’ll definitely need a brolly.

The scorching planet gets so baking hot the minerals vaporise in the atmosphere – raining liquid jewels on the world below.

It’s not the only planet to have a totally bonkers weather system.

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot has baffled scientists for years.
Mars’ dust devils have sparked rumours that life could exist on Mars after they left suspiciously human-like shadows on its surface.

There’s hope we’ll get to either one of them sometime soon, after it was revealed humanity would be burned alive as the Sun swells to 100 times its size.

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