Two California fault lines — the Calaveras Fault and the Hayward Fault — are actually connected, new research shows, meaning an earthquake resulting from the pair could be much more destructive than originally thought, with a potential for a magnitude 7 quake or greater.

Seismologists from the University of California Berkeley used two decades of satellite data to look at “ground deformation” and “fault creep,” a news release explained. Creep describes the constant, slow movement of a fault line as opposed to a fault line that’s still between quakes, like San Andreas, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. “The Hayward Fault is actively moving, year-by-year,” the USGS noted.

However, as Estelle Chaussard, lead researcher from UC Berkeley, explained to, though the ground is continuously moving, this movement is not producing any earthquakes. Until, that is, there’s a rupture.

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