Most parents fear their teenager might get a tattoo or a piercing without their permission.

But technology enthusiast Bryon Wake, 15, injected himself with a microchip in a DIY operation in his bedroom while his unwitting mother and father were downstairs.

The tiny chip – the size of a grain of rice – can be programmed so the schoolboy can control his mobile phone, unlock doors, and even hand out electronic business cards.

The cyborg teenager – who believes he is the youngest person in the world to have the chip implanted – ordered the kit from the United States and went ahead with the procedure despite being warned a medic should help.

He said: ‘I didn’t tell my parents until three days later. They took it better than expected because they had already told me not to do it.

‘And then when I did tell them I’d done it, they just went with it.

‘Afterwards I had checked it out at the doctor who said it was fine and they were happy.

My grandpa is a surgeon and he said that he was proud, and my mum wasn’t expecting that at all.’

The chip works by using near field communication (NFC) which emits a low power radio-frequency signature that triggers pre-programmed events like unlocking a phone or starting a car.

So far, Byron, of Martock in Somerset, has been using the chip’s ability to unlock his phone automatically and also to control the Bluetooth function to play music from his speakers.

He is also able to send business cards by touching his hand onto other Android user’s phones, which will automatically transfer his details.

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