Scores of DEAD FISH dead fish were discovered in early January on the beach in Kvarnåkershamn. “There were 10,000’s of dead fish.”, Says the county fish consultant Rolf Gydemo.

A week into January discovered Claes Nilsson and Håkan Mattsson large quantities of dead fish on the beach in Kvarnåkershamn.

– It was the most bullheads, but even the occasional flounder, some cod and a number of seaweed leaches. All those living close to the seabed, says Håkan Mattsson.

He says that they contacted the county fisheries consultant for answers on what may have happened.

The County Fish Commissioner Rolf Gydemo says that some 15 people got in on the dead fish, and shortly thereafter he himself was on site to take samples sent to the National Veterinary Institute.

– There were 10,000’s of dead fish, perhaps as many as 100,000, at a distance of a few kilometers, says Rolf Gydemo.

He notes that it is primarily Sculpins killing and eelpout that washed ashore, who lives near the seabed. He also saw gobies, flounder, sticklebacks, sand eels and

occasional herring and sprat.

– Rötsimporna playing now and the males guard the rum. I think the hard southwesterly winds which were at and that at these depths was so much waves to fishermen lost their footing. It can also be combined with that came a plume of oxygen-poor waters affected.

The fact that many of the fishermen had wide-gap can prove the theory of hypoxia.

Rolf Gydemo do not think the fishermen affected by poisoning or disease, but samples have yet been sent to the National Veterinary Institute for analysis.

– It seems strange if they caught a virus or any disease, because it just happened right there, and in conjunction with hard pålandsvindar. There have been no reports from other areas if large quantities. It always floats ashore dead fish in winter, it’s nothing unusual. But we are grateful that we get reports from the public when there is mass death, says Rolf Gydemo.

He tells of a similar incident winter of 2014 when it was washed ashore a lot of fish in the eastern Gotland after a period of strong winds from the east.

– Where and outside Kvarnåkershamn the bottom is flat. When it is shallow waves built on and grow large before they reach land.

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