In spite of the rain that fell in the last days in the department, it did not reach all the regions where the drought is increasing sharply increasing the number of cattle. Jose Luis Vaca, president of the Federation of Cattle Ranchers of Santa Cruz (Fegazacruz), said according to the latest report that dead cattle amounted to more than 20 thousand, overcoming an economic loss of $ 8 million in the Chaco alone. “A few months ago the mortality of animals had not exceeded 5,000 in Santa Cruz, but as the deaths are increasing, they are much larger, we have a general data of the whole Chaco that is 20 thousand heads already dead, alone In the zone of Macharetí that corresponds to Chaco chuquisaqueño have died more than 10 animals, in the Chaco cruceño 9 thousand and in the Valleys are about 1,800 cattle, said Vaca

It does not rain in the Chaco. The president of Fegasacruz, said that in the Chaco has not rained for a long time and the drought is much harder. “Because it rains in the city and in some parts of the department, some people think that the water came to the Chaco but the reality is different,” he said, adding that the government is helping to help the producers who They need it most. On the other hand, he questioned the Government because the budget allocation committed in one of the decrees had not been reached.

The Valleys are also affected. Hernando Becerra, mayor of Saipina, said that the lack of water due to drought, caused the loss of at least 800 hectares of crops, the death of more than 100 cattle and 500 that are at risk, to this is added that The dam that provides the liquid element for irrigation is about to dry completely due to obstructions in the access roads.

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