ISIS would “of course” use a nuclear weapon if given the chance, House Armed Services Committee Chair Rep. Mac Thornberry said today, responding to reports of ISIS claiming they had the resources to acquire a nuclear weapon from Pakistan within a year.

Despite the reports that ISIS hopes to obtain a nuclear weapon, Thornberry, R-Texas, told ABC News’ Jonathan Karl on “This Week” that the jihadist group has not taken steps yet, saying that there is “no evidence that it has happened.”

“Would they do it if they had the opportunity? Of course. Would they use it if they had it? I don’t think there’s any doubt,” Thornberry said.

“We don’t wait until they get it before we take action that seriously degrades and destroys ISIS,” Thornberry added. “Secondly, we keep pushing at their finances to lower the amount of money they have.”

While the White House is arguing that the U.S. is not losing the war against ISIS even as they gained strongholds in the cities of Ramadi in Iraq and Palmyra in Syria, Thornberry said that ISIS “has a lot of momentum on their side.”

“The president resists saying, ‘We’re losing it.’ Well, we’re not winning. We know that,” Thornberry said.

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