As technology continues to grow, personal privacy continues to shrink—including your very thoughts. A new“mind reading” device that has been developed by Japanese researchers is capable of deciphering words from brain waves before they are spoken.

Scientists have discovered that electrical activity in the brain is the same whether or not someone speaks their thoughts. By analyzing various wave forms produced by the brain, the researchers were able to decipher words like “goo,” “scissors” and “par” before they were articulated by Japanese participants. (1) The researchers that developed the technology claim they can identify brain waves attached to syllables or letters of the Japanese alphabet. In other words (forgive the pun), it is possible to decode entire words and sentences without articulating those words and sentences.

Words versus thoughts

To “hear” an unspoken words, the team deployed a method called electroencephalogram, or EEG, which records electrical activity in the brain with an array of electrodes on the scalp that uncover brain waves.

The researchers focused on a region of the brain known as Broca’s area, which is responsible for processing language and speech.(1)

The head author of the study, Professor Yamazaki Toshimasa, an expert in brain–computer interfaces at the Kyushu Institute of Technology in Japan’s Fukuoka Prefecture, requested 12 men, women and children to recite a string of words. While the participants spoke, the researchers measured their brain waves.(1)

The scientists discovered that each syllable corresponded to a distinct brain wave pattern before the original thought was spoken. The researchers knew what the participants were going to say up to two seconds before speaking.


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