A new study suggests that part of Oklahoma is in danger of a larger earthquake.

The area of risk is positioned near Guthrie, Langston, and Stillwater, according to the study,the O’Colly reports.

Recent earthquakes in those areas have revealed possible hidden faults, which could produce earthquakes greater than magnitude 5 on a weekly basis by the end of 2015, the study says.

“If a major part or the whole of the GLS (Guthrie, Langston and Stillwater) structure is accidentally re-activated in a low-stress-drop regime by wastewater injection, it is capable of generating a significant earthquake in the range (magnitude) 5.5-6.5 or greater,” Chris Hartnady, a South African geologist, said in the study.

A magnitude 5 earthquake could cause significant damage.

Last month, Gov. Mary Fallin met with state officials at the Capitol to discuss the cause behind the quakes in Oklahoma.

With the governor acknowledging a correlation between earthquakes and wastewater disposal wells, some believe the state could be a ticking time bomb.

With earthquake numbers continuing to rise, experts believe the big one is yet to come.

“We are inching every day, closer to a 6.5 or a 7 [magnitude],” said Angela Spotts, with Stop Fracking Payne County. “The buildings aren’t prepared for it, no one’s prepared for it.”

State officials are adamant though, they’re doing everything they can to be prepared.

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