The mutant missile, dubbed Zircon, is an “unstoppable” hypersonic missile capable of destroying the Royal navy’s most sophisticated fleet, experts say.

The war machine has stoked fears it could sink the Royal Navy’s latest £6billion aircraft carriers with just one strike.

According to the Kremlin, the missile is capable of travelling at between five and six times the speed of sound – 3,800 mph to 4,600mph.

The rocket reaches high speed with the use of a jet engine. And it has a range of up to 500 miles, The Sunday People reports.

Russia began testing the Zircon this year and they could be fitted to a nuclear-powered cruiser by 2022m according to the newspaper.

The Kremlin first created the programme in the 1980s. But it restarted it of late to ramp up defence measures.

Intelligence sources said that it can be fitted with nuclear warheads to cause maximum damage.

And it is easily programmed by a computer in mid-flight and dodge oncoming missiles.

The Russians could use Zircon to strike a target by air, land, or sea.

It has caused a wave of fear over the intelligence community worldwide – as it seems impossible to stop.

A Royal Navy spokesperson told The People: “We keep threats under constant review but do not comment on Force Protection measures”.

Russian president Vladimir Putin appears determined to reassert his country’s global superiority by ramping up defence.

Russia has been thrust into the limelight following its links to US President Donald Trump’s campaign for election.

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