• Eerie earthflow was captured in the Kemerovo Region of Russia
  • It left a wide path of destruction, toppling pylons and crushing trees
  • Earthflows can vary in speed from barely detectable to 12 mph (20km/h)
  • They are a form of landslide where fine soil or sand becomes waterlogged 

Most people would run away if they saw a pile of soil and rubble creeping towards them as if it had a life of its own.

But one Russian YouTuber captured the terrifying moment a stream of soil flowed down a bank next to a main road, crushing trees in its powerful path and leaving toppled power lines in its wake.

The eerie phenomenon is called an ‘earthflow’ and is a rare type of landslide. 

Alexander Giniyatullin kept a remarkably steady hand filming the scary scene in the Kemerovo Region of Russia, which is thought to have happened at around 1pm on April 1, according to a blog post on the American Geophysical Union’s website.
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