By Heaven Awaits

Babies are born to be normal, loving beings. This is to examine why anyone, like a Jezebel, would turn evil, or be open to an evil presence, that would dominate their thinking. Scripture says we war not against “flesh,” but against (evil) spirits, and principalities in high places. We have to remember that Jezebel is a spirit that infects people, who are victims as much as those people they damage by their behavior.

First, it is important to control or arrest the damage that the infected person is creating. But we should not stop there. We should examine the roots of the problem with the person, and help deliver them out of this situation, if possible. If we can get to the root of why someone has a Jezebel spirit, then we may be able to help free them from that overpowering influence, and help them to recover. Otherwise, the salvation and eternal destiny of their souls is at stake.

Common ways to open the door to this spirit:

  1. Abandonment of father, and loss of spiritual and physical protection. This past century, the absence of the father in the home is not just economic. A little child, a girl especially, needs to have a strong male image that teaches her that she is valuable, loved, protected. When this male covering is gone, their life seems out of control and hurtful. The child will immediately go into a mode of self protection, learning ways to control its environment, to avoid further pain and harm. The mother may seem inadequate in some cases, and the child may see the mother as the one who sent daddy away, and therefore responsible for her pain. If the mother is a traditional, stay at home mom, then the child learns that this mother cannot protect her as they feel needed, and they grow up viewing traditional women as weak and incompetent. The mother was not good enough to “keep her man.” If the mother is abusive, then this makes women the enemy forever. If the mother is a “liberated woman” in the liberal sense, the child learns that only women are powerful, and only they should be trusted and bonded with. If the mother has values that are against traditional moral values, then the child will end up on the slippery slope into lesbianism/homosexuality. If daddy seems to make it known that he left for another woman, or that he openly expresses his interpretation and value of love as sexual, then the child will learn that to get daddy’s love, it is sex that will get his attention.This lesson will be transferred to other men that a girl (or a boy) will want to be involved with. The child will look for love “in all the wrong places,” and will use sex, not love, to lure others, since they do not know what true, godly love from a male figure is really like.
  2. Child abuse. Child abuse, especially sexual, since it is so intimate, has permanent consequences.….the National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect (NCCAN), part of the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services compiles data about the number of cases reported to Child Protective Services (CPS) each year, but the fact is the number of reported cases is small compared with the number of actual cases. We can reason this by looking at several studies which asked adults about childhood abuse. Adults are more likely to report their own childhood abuse, because they no longer live in fear of immediate retaliation from the abuser and they have had time to recover from the psychological effects of living in an abusive household.

A study conducted at a large managed care organization in the northeast, which examined the differences in annual health care costs between women with and without histories of abuse, found that “childhood abuse and neglect histories were reported by 42.8% of the women in this HMO sample (sexual abuse: 18.4%; physical abuse: 14.2%; emotional abuse: 24.1%; emotional neglect: 21.1%; physical neglect: 12.2%), with about half of these women meeting severity criteria for more than one type of maltreatment.”

See more here for definitions and signs of abuse, and effects on adults:

The effects, but not all, include disturbances in sexual interest; difficulties during sexual contact; dysfunctions of desire, arousal or orgasm; seductive behaviors, compulsive activity and prostitution; precocious sexual behavior; confusion of sexuality and nurturing behavior; anxiety; self-destructive behavior; relationship problems; re-victimization.

We can see how the doors to the Jezebel spirit are being opened here, since she is known by many of these traits. The abused child will understand sex as physical stimulation only, and will disassociate love, intimacy, and trust from the experience. Thus others become objects of stimulation and gratification. There is no place for a real relationship, because they do not understand what one is.

  1. An already established Ahab father, Jezebel mother in a family.

Children can get their identity from their parents, who are the role models.

  1. In both cases 1 and 2, there is a lot of anger, rage, and bitterness. There are memories that have never healed, and the person cannot forgive those in their past. This un-forgiveness subconsciously motivates every decision made regarding relationships. Trust is gone, and the person may hold suspicion of everyone that resembles those that betrayed them from an earlier time. The younger and more vulnerable the child is when things go wrong, and the more repeated the injury, the more angry the adult will become. This anger “energy” at the past, that was out of control for them, will be channeled into controlling everything in their present and future. The un-forgiveness acts as a self defense mechanism, since they are acting to prevent further injury by hurting others first, to “disarm the enemy.”
  2. Abusive relationships in adulthood. If the childhood was normal, but the person made a bad choice, then usually the person can recover more quickly, and not degenerate into sociopathic behaviors. But, if the person is influenced by negative people around her who misadvise her, and cause her to adopt their views, then there is trouble. However, I think if the person can obtain good counsel later, this mindset can be reversed. If the abusive adult relationships reinforce the childhood abuse, this more deeply ingrains the Jezebel spirit that has infected the person.
  3. Lack of general moral values in home growing up, or early social influences outside the home which contradict morality. If there are no moral values taught in the home as to right and wrong, then any value set can arise, which is totally demonic or anti-social. The outside influences include schools, teachers, and fellow classmates, who may come from non-ethical backgrounds. If teachers for example, usurp the authority of the parents, and teach values contrary to the moral values of the home, then the parents can be undermined, and the child can go out of control, and turn into a nightmare for the parents. A good example of this is teaching that homosexuality is acceptable to children as an alternative lifestyle. This moral corruption of children will lead to aberrant behavior later, especially since they are being taught that their parent’s morals are a lie, and they can rebel against the parents if they wish to. Early influences also include those from the media, where immorality and violence is celebrated. Any child who learns early on that there is no God or no morals, and there is no one to answer to for their behavior, ends up creating their own rules. The “do what you want” attitude is godless, and can lead to anything, even murder.


  1. Basic personality type– Even in childhood, we see different personality types. Some children seem more aggressive and dominant, and others are more shy and passive.  Discipline and positive guidance is needed to guide the children to develop proper social skills, and to bring out strengths of each one. If a lack of discipline occurs, the child may go in a direction that is more self–oriented or more self-destructive.  We call the child “spoiled” for this reason.  When the basic personality type is coupled with a bad environment, then there will be trouble, and they will lack appropriate social skills, and use their own ideology of how things should be done.


The aggressive Jezebel usually comes from 1,2 and 4. The more sneaky charming Jezebel usually comes from number 3 and 5.


Typical question about Jezebel’s motives:

Do you think a jezebel knows she is a jezebel? And why would someone actually go to all the trouble to hurt other people? That is the part I can’t understand. How do you actually sit there and plot who you will hurt, and then feel good about it. Or is it self-destructive behavior on the jezebel’s part so that she can feel bad, and then she is the “real” victim?


yes she knows…….but she does not CARE……

what she wants is more important…

as she grew up, she probably had plenty of fights with other girls, who let her know what she was…..there was plenty of name calling… she learned how to win over them

She does not care if she destroys….she sees the other person as a failure based on their weaknesses…and she is the success because of her strengths… her, it is the other persons’ fault they are hurt. If they weren’t such a loser, they would not get hurt.

Now that we know about her, how do we help the soul that is bound and free her?

Now that we know about her, how do we help the soul that is bound and free her?

Who should be the vessel that God uses?

This is, for sure, the most difficult section for me to write. Healing a human soul after a deliverance, or after a person repents, or is stopped in their tracks is something only God can really do. Anyone who has been involved with her most likely dislikes her, or has negative memories of bad experiences with her.

So, anyone that God uses to help her has to forget who they are, what they feel, and what their memories tell them. They have to be lost in the love and will of God, in order to reach out, and help heal someone who has been so wicked, unrepentant, and damaging. The only person the former, or arrested, Jezebel should see in front of her is Jesus Himself. Only He can heal and deliver. Only He can touch and make her whole. Any person who tries to interject their own ways and methods will destroy all that God would want to happen. It will take someone who is close to God, who is pure of heart, forgiving, who can love unconditionally after being damaged, who is whole and mature in spirit. They need to be lost to self, and dwell in the shadow of the Almighty’s wings. That is to say, the “flesh” has to be dead, and the human spirit in submission to the direction of the Holy Spirit.

Consecration to divine will is paramount. Purity of heart is essential.

Find Jehu

The Bible tells of a newly anointed king who was able to destroy Jezebel by commanding her eunuchs (castrated slaves-victims) to throw her out the window. Jehu is not a passive male, but a masculine one, fully accountable, responsible, honorable, strong, decisive, highly moral and ethical, a leader who is self –realized and confident, a man whom God can trust to do his will, not given to lust, but has self control, and submits to the will of God. Jehu is the one to take the next step.

Jehu is should be a male, because of the ultimate influence he will have on Jezebel’s spirit, but if one is not around, then a woman who is gentle, spiritual, and a strong mother figure can substitute until a male Jehu is found. (Why a male? Because early on, the physical and spiritual power, ie. positive control, protection, she was seeking from her real father was not there, and so she had to become a power unto herself. Power and control became essential for self protection, since protection and control was missing as a child.)

Jehu’s role will be spiritual, definitely non-sexual, and one of authority over her. Jehu must have authority over both Ahab and Jezebel. He cannot be a subordinate to either of them.

Jehu’s first mission: Divide and conquer

Jezebel has always gotten her power from 2 sources: Ahab and her social network. She has to be separated from these influences in every way. She has to be totally cut off from them, or she will be re-infected. This will also be important in helping a recovering Ahab as well.Ahab must not have any supervisory role over her, even in a distant way. If this is the workplace, Jezebel and Ahab must be reassigned so that jezebel cannot manage under the authority of Ahab, or vice versa. If this is the marriage, a temporary physical separation is needed. If this is the church, then they need to be socially disassociated from each other.

Jehu’s second mission: Go back to her roots

What was the cause of the original behavior?

1 Re-enter the father figure – good and pure and loving. Jezebel needs to find the godly kind of love she never had with her father, and re-discover it in an elder, male mentor. Counseling can be set up for frequent contacts. Jezebel can review her life with her new father figure. He will give her the strength she never had before, so she can learn it is ok to be gentle, and weak sometimes, because she is protected now. She can go to him when she is hurt or afraid or angry.

The mentor should have an objective role in whatever situation she is in – work, home, church, etc. and she should be able to confide in him without worry of others knowing what is said. The mentor will listen to her story, then slowly, over time, guide her gently in the right direction. The safer she feels, the less aggressive she will become. The defenses and false behavior will decrease as she finds emotional security in her new father and friend. She will find value again as a woman, and learn she can have respect just for who she is. She will also learn that God loves her, and is a true Father as well. She will learn to feel loved. Instead of doubt, she will experience faith again. Anger will be replaced with forgiveness and gentleness. She will learn to trust more, and release control, instead of maintaining it to protect herself.


The father figure can be Jehu himself, or a trusted, qualified individual that Jehu recognizes as appropriate.

  1. Re-enter the mother figure. If the early mother figure was somehow a failure to jezebel, an elder mother figure needs to enter. She enters as a companion, successful, objective, loving, caring, holy, and supportive. Jezebel needs a female role model to learn how to behave and learn from. She needs to learn the nurturing, spiritual values unique to women.
  2. Both elder figures will advocate and explain the moral values that God has provided. Sinful behaviors will be discouraged, with calm explanations, and godly behavior will be encouraged and rewarded. No guilt will be assigned to her, but as she is encouraged to follow a godly path, she will win the praises of her new parents.She will learn that this is the way she really wanted to begin with.

They will both also explore the roots of her feelings, and help her see how everything went wrong, and why she chose to behave in the wrong way. She will learn to accept that positive behaviors are ultimately more rewarding. For example, she does not need to control a world if she feels safe in it. She no longer needs to seduce men to get love. She feels loved and valued without having to perform seduction now, and without demanding it. She will need a lot of positive re-enforcement of her new, more acceptable behaviors, in order to establish them as more permanent behaviors.

This may take months, or years, to accomplish. Or, you never know, she may bloom almost overnight.Sometimes the more strongly a person has been held captive by Satan, the more quickly they run in the opposite direction, once they are free, and know they are safe.


Jehu’s final mission: help Ahab recover

We need to understand that Ahab is a victim too.He also needs to explore his roots and have positive father and mother figures enter into his life as mentors and counselors. He needs to have the same help that Jezebel gets. Why is he so weak and afraid and dependent? He needs to discover that he has a Jehu inside of himself, who is his true self.Once he finds Jehu within, then he can finally find his strengths and true role in his environment.