There are at least three types of weapons used by the Chinese that “could play a role” if Beijing and Washington go toe-to-toe over the South China Sea, according to the National Interest’s Defense Editor Dave Majumdar.

The National Interest has decided to look into three types of deadly weapons that China could use against the US if a confrontation occurs between the two countries due to the South China Sea issue.

Dave Majumdar’s article, published by the National Interest, came as China pledged to take “all necessary” measures to prevent future US Navy operations in the area.

Bejing referred to the guided missile destroyer USS Lassen, which recently passed within twelve nautical miles of a man-made Chinese island in the South China Sea.



As far as China’s weaponry is concerned, Washington should first of all beware of mines, which Majumdar said could be hidden beneath the waves within the twelve-mile zone around the South China Sea’s artificial islands.

He recalled that underwater mines “damaged more US Navy ships since the Second World War than every other type of weapon combined.”

“China has learned the lessons of history well while the US Navy has only recently reinvigorated its mine warfare efforts. Indeed, the Chinese fleet has at least forty mine warfare ships and it is continually improving its capabilities,” Majumdar said.

In addition, China prefers to develop sophisticated sea mines, while the US “continues to dither on the Remote Minehunting System, he added.

2.Diesel-Electric Submarines

Majumdar referred to a Chinese fleet of diesel-electric submarines (SSK) that he said “could be a very dangerous threat” during the potential armed conflict between Beijing and Washington in the South China Sea.

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