The Shifting of the Grains of Sand

I have heard many sing these words: “On Christ the Solid Rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand,” but do they really believe what they are singing.

Apparently not, because God has shown the true state of the heart condition when it comes to the Body of Christ.

And when is this proven to be the case, let us look at the example given to the world by the Body of Christ when it came to election time.

Instead of proving their election sure when it comes to their calling, the house began to shift like grains of sand on the shore when it came to the election of a political leader.

Many forget that God has the final say when it comes to His purpose and plan for whom He wants in place to carry out His plan and purpose for the sake of souls, not for the agenda of the world.

As the tide changes, grains of sand shift to and fro with the flow which is symbolic of a person who is double minded.

To be double minded is to become unsteady or unsettled, and just like the grains of sand, those who have built their house on grains of sand will be tossed to and fro with the tide and will not find any resting place for their soul.

In the world they hold elections to decide who will lead a nation, but in the Kingdom of God, we do not have to vote to make our election and calling sure. Jesus the Christ through His blood atonement has purchased our salvation thereby giving us a place where we can find eternal rest for our souls.

The true heart condition of the Body of Christ has been exposed, and we must humble ourselves and seek God by admitting, confessing, and repenting of the error of our ways.

Oh, and if the candidate we didn’t approve on got in, instead of coming under the influence of social media we should seek God for His purpose and plan. God said His House is a House of Prayer which has no room for complacent or compromise within its walls.

But unfortunately, what the world is seeing is a house divided against itself. “On Christ the Solid Rock we stand,” we sing, really. No, we are not singing truth, all we are doing is just singing words without a testimony to back them up.

The world is seeking answers, and at this present moment of time, the House of God is divided against itself. What the world is looking for is not being projected through the Body of Christ. The world is looking for truth and stability which they are not seeing in the Church.

There are too many negative voices out there, and the true heart condition of the Church is being exposed. Many in the Church are like those grains of sand that are easily being tossed to and fro by the tide.

The tide has a smooth sounding effect and lullabyes the Church to sleep. God is in the process of waking His Church up. He wants our attention, and we have a decision to make. Are we going to heed the call of His Spirit by Standing on Christ the Solid Rock, or are we going to be like those grains of sand that shift to and fro with the tide, that is for you to decide. God bless you 🙂

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© November, 2016 Airey, MA