Watch Out, Duterte: Why Philippines Now Under Threat of Revolt or Military Coup


Philippine President Duterte may face public discontent and backlash from the country’s business and military establishment if he continues to drift away from Washington, Jon Emont of The Atlantic noted. Still, the Philippine leader has good reasons for turning its back on the US, Malaysian academic Mathew Maavak told Sputnik.

It looks as if something is cooking in Washington for Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

On Tuesday, the article entitled “The Limits of Rodrigo Duterte’s Anti-Americanism” was published by The Atlantic, an American magazine which covers foreign affairs, politics, and economics. The author of the opinion piece, US journalist Jon Emont, argues that the Philippine president may face rising public discontent or tough backlash from the Philippines’ powerful military and business groups if he continues to drift away from Washington and, most notably, expels the US military from the region. Emont highlights that “roughly half of the Philippines’ middle and upper classes have relatives in the United States,” while the US’ remittances to the country (around $10 billion a year) remains “a major driver of the Philippines’s economy.” Foreign investments into the country have already decreased by 41 percent since last June while the peso fell to a seven-year low against the dollar following Duterte’s anti-American comments, he stresses.

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